CDif Poster Child is a movie star! Almost.

I'm not sure if you remember last year that I was chosen to be in a documentary about antibiotic-resistant super bugs and the overuse of antibiotics. What's great about this movie is: 1. I am in it 2. Mikes super poo is in it (live footage) 3. It empowers the public to fund, vote for … Continue reading CDif Poster Child is a movie star! Almost.

How Am I Doing?

Things are rolling along. C-Dif is gone and I've done three film segments for the documentary. It was such a nice distraction from the worry from what might've happened if it didn't go away. Who knows maybe it'll go viral. Bad pun. Thank you Nelson super poo. Radiation - as in nuclear energy/radioactive waves soldering … Continue reading How Am I Doing?