I Go Dark Sometimes

In case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t written in a year. You can call it writer’s block and that wouldn’t be wrong, but I also tend to hunker in and withdraw when I need to recharge my battery. Those who know me well understand this and somehow (because they are AWESOME), they don’t hold it against me. They reach out and tell me they are thinking of me and know that I’ll resurface when I can.

Others are basically stuck wondering, “What the *F* happened to Christi? Is she okay? How is she doing?”

So here’s the dish:

By March of 2016 I had completed chemotherapy for a second time and finished my final surgery (an oophorectomy).

But, I’m not cured (there’s no cure for cancer) and I’m not in remission.

And because my cancer was aggressive and recurred back in 2015, I have to take preventative measures. I will continue the Herceptin treatments, hormone therapy and bone medication for the rest of my life.

All of these treatments have chronic side effects that need to be managed, so yeah, sometimes I go dark.

If you’re ever wondering what I’ve been up to, or where have I gone, just know that I’m taking care of myself. I’m either spending time with my loved ones, at home resting, or at a doctor’s appointment. Seriously! It’s like a full time job.

Christi and Mike

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3 thoughts on “I Go Dark Sometimes

  1. Christi, its so good to hear from you. You are one incredible gal to go through all of this stuff but still have a brilliant smile in your picture with hubby. Keep up the fight and remember we are all thinking of you fondly. Love Colleen


  2. It seems you have very good reason to go dark sometimes! I know your husband and 2 sweet boys help you through these times. Much love to you Christy.


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