My Uncle Govindan is a guru. Seriously, he’s pretty well-known and even has a couple of ashrams. He is a very spiritual man and has such grace about him that when you stand near him you feel lighter some how.

My Uncle Paul (Govindan’s brother) lives a simple life. He surfs, loves reggae, writes short stories and owns a successful business.

Govindan was best man at Paul’s wedding and it was his job to give a speech during the reception. During his speech, Uncle Govindan spoke about how a person’s career tells a lot about who they are. My Uncle Paul is a window cleaner. When I think of window cleaning, I think of a profession that requires physical labor and hard work outside everyday.

During his speech, Uncle Govindan described his brother’s profession in an insightful new light. He told us how my Uncle Paul’s window cleaning “helps people see more clearly”.

I loved this so much. It made me realize that each of us as individuals do make a difference. Every one of us matters.

I thought about my own profession.  I’m a geographic analyst. What do I do?  I’m a geographer. I “address” people everywhere and I find patterns and make connections. I help people find their way.

Its funny how memories and people *pop* back into my life like my Uncle Govindan.

I’ve been feeling pretty stuck and scared the last couple of weeks. I’ve been in a funk. Even though my tumors are gone (hooray!) I’ve been really, really scared about them coming back again. I also had a bad reaction to my big Zoladex shot and that put me in a weird mental place. On top of it all, last week I was told that I have the precursor to osteoporosis (brittle bones). What a blow.


Even Chemo Toe Joe hates feeling stuck. Here, he is getting stuck by blades of grass. Torture.

The trouble is, I have to get active. Weight bearing exercise like walking and yoga are actually the best things for my brittle bones. Yoga. Oh, how I wish that I could actually do that right now. It helped me so much last year. Not only did I become strong again, I became at peace with a lot of things. I experienced joy – exhilaration – that I hadn’t experienced in a long time. I want that again so badly, but am just not physically recovered enough to do it yet.

I was wishing on and on about yoga when *pop* I got a package in the mail from Uncle Govindan.

He’s coming to LA in February to lead an introductory seminar for the weekend. His package included a book to study, poses to practice, a DVD and an invitation to attend the seminar as his guest. That means if I practice 1 or 2 poses a week, I will be ready by the end of February.


The inspiring book and DVD that lit a spark under my butt.

I called my sister and told her about it. And you know what? She said that she just spoke to him the week before my package arrived! She had called him *pop* out of the blue because she was worried and stressed and needed his grace and guidance. They had talked about seeing each other in February and apparently he made it happen.

Is the universe talking to me again? *Pop*!

So not only am I going to heal myself back to recovery, but I have a goal and I get to work towards it with my my uncle and my sister. And can I just say that I feel a change already? It’s like a spark has been lit!

We are all connected in this universe. We are all important. We are all loved. I was stuck and scared. I couldn’t get past the fear and didn’t feel like anything I did mattered in the big picture. I needed incentive and was trying to find a path. And then – *pop*.

Usually I’m the one who finds the patterns and makes the connections, but it was my uncle this time. He is the analyst and the guru – he guides people along their path.

Tell me a story about when *Pop!* the stars aligned for you and things fell into place. You can tell me in the Comments.

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