I’m the odd woman out – Unless I’m with my Lady.

I’m the only girl in my house and sometimes its really hard to stay feminine. Here’s a great example: I’ve learned that interrupting my boys’ conversations with butt jokes and farts gets me noticed. So much so, in fact, that I’ve started to do that during adult conversations. It doesn’t seem to have quite the same effect on adults. Hmm.

It’s important to me though that my boys have some sort of idea about what girls are like. Keeping my femininity will open the door for important questions like: “Why do girls wear make up?” “How should I treat a girl?” “How do I date a girl?” “How do I ask a girl to be my girlfriend?” and “Why don’t girls care about farts and butt jokes?”

You see, if I act more like a girl, my boys are more likely to ask me the girly questions.

Seeing how femininity is slowly fading from my grasp, imagine my happiness when my hubby brought home four baby girl chicks last spring. I immediately thought, “Hooray! I am no longer the only girl in the Nelson household!”

I now had Queen Lady and The Poop Sisters, but to me the hens are otherwise known as “The Ladies” – as in “Hey Ladies! Get funky.” and “Where my Ladies at?”.

My favorite one of all is the small white alpha chicken. Every morning I go outside and call for her, “Ladyyyyy!” I say. And she comes racing around the corner to see me. Lady loves me…just like my neighbors do when I’m calling her.

As the alpha, Lady thinks she’s semi-human. When my girlfriends come to visit, she feels like she plays an important part in our conversations and hops up onto a chair to join us. Sometimes Lady tries to push my friends off of their chairs. Its great. My friends really like her beak and her talons. I think it would be a fun feminine exercise for us to try and paint them!

When I’m home alone with the boys, Lady often makes a visit to the screen door and calls to see if I’m home.  “Bawk, bawk!” she says (that means hello). And I say “bawk, bawk” right back. She’s my girl.

Having Lady is good for me. I need a fellow soul sister at home.

Lately, I’ve been feeling like the odd woman out during our dinnertime conversations. The boys spend countless nights talking about video games, war and American history. I sit silent, hoping for some discussion of back to school shopping or changing hormones.

But alas, those conversations don’t happen, so I excuse myself after a half hour of silence. Then I’ll go outside and visit Lady.

Its just Lady and me sitting in silence. And clucks.

Lady establishing her domain on a chair next to my girl Kate. Most likely she’s getting ready to chill, or show off her sharp beak and talons.

Check out Lady after the credits of the Boob Spelled Backwards is Boob video. She left us all a little present.

Do you ever feel like the odd woman out? Tell me about it in the Comments!

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5 thoughts on “I’m the odd woman out – Unless I’m with my Lady.

  1. Ah man, Christi! You’re so wise, resilient and powerful! Good for you finding a way to honor your femininity and educate your boys! I was the odd woman out for years, but in an opposite way… I was the one in the household who knew how to use power tools and build things. My son and husband were into their intuitive musical side. Now I wish I’d had a posse of lady hens back then! Thanks for the smiles you brought into the world today!


  2. I, too, listen to endless fart and poop jokes. I guess this is the norm for boys, but it really does get tiring. I admire your honesty, Christi, and I think it’s good that you’re talking about all of this.


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