Drive Thrus – The Best Last Resort

Another side effect of chemotherapy and isolation is flat out rebellion. I’ve risked the hospital already, I’ve been there even. But it doesn’t matter. No matter what the risk, I still want to get out of my house. I have to get out.

So I do the minimum and play it safe. I do laps around the backyard, I walk my kids to school and kiss them goodbye at the gate, I drive around in the car with my hubby and wait in there while he runs errands.

And then there is that stretch of time during each day when I’m all alone. Again. For hours. I’ve exhausted all there is to really do: check emails, read my book, be a voyeur on Instagram, pin on Pinterest, retweet on Twitter, watch TV, and text friends while they’re working. Now there’s just the waiting. Waiting until there’s something else to do. I wait until I can’t wait anymore.

And that’s when I remember that I live in the suburbs and there actually is one more thing I can safely do. I can go to drive thrus. In fact, I can go for a drive and go to drive thrus.

Need a refill on coffee? There’s a gourmet coffee drive thru for that. No food in the house? Can’t go shopping, but need lunch? There’s a drive thru for that, too. In fact, In N Out Burger is a nice drive “through” the hills only 20 minutes away.

Perfect! I can hop in the Jeep, roll down the windows, and listen to my playlist on volume 20 while the wind blows through my hair. Errr. Over my scarf. Drive thru’s are the best last resort to germ free freedom. With hand sanitizer, of course.

In case you were wondering what else I’ve exhausted in my spare time at home – its my computer. For those of you who don’t know already – I made a website and a blog!

The blog will have silly updates about me and my experiences (its a relief to add humor to a dark sensitive subject) and the website will help anyone – cancer survivors, family or friends – who need support.

The blog will slowly replace these Lotsa posts so visit the website and sign up to receive it every other week. You will also get the most recent podcast and awareness updates. Check it out at


If you like the blog and/or the site, please forward to anyone in need. Let’s be there for them.


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