Rebellion and Moments of Reason – They Go Together?

One week down, two to go. I’m pretty stir crazy at this point. I’ve basically been pent up in my house for four straight weeks. I had a lapse of reason and gave into temptation only once – I risked it all for coffee with my Boobie Buddy.

I was going insane and it was totally worth it. I got scolded by my nurse later that day and was reminded of the consequences. So, no more rebellion for me. I will be staying home.

Now, I’m stuck here. Too bad, so sad. Each morning I wake up and realize that it’s going to be a L-O-N-G day. I’ve started venturing out to the backyard more, but everything seems to have a limitation. “Don’t get too much sun”, they say. “Don’t tire yourself out!” Hey, at least I’m not hospitalized (talk about limitation).

These days I have momentary spurts of reason. In my moments of clarity, I actually think with my working brain and work on my new website. Maybe its good that I’ve been stuck indoors. Yep, it has (mostly).

In fact, my website is finished and I’d love for you to test it out! Can you believe I did that? I’m pretty proud of myself.

If you’re game, please go to and sign up to receive my newsletter. This way I can be sure that the subscribe box really works, and you can be sure that you receive updates from me every other week.

My newsletter will start to replace these Lotsa Posts and it will include my latest blog entry (Think Outside the Boob), podcast updates and Mike’s awareness event updates.

Remember his BoobProject and his 1in8Ride across America? They are getting publicized and we are excited! So stay current, sign up and send ideas and feedback.

Also, please tweet out the website and post it to FB. Forward it to friends, loved ones, caregivers and medical professionals – whoever is in need. The goal is to reach people who need support.

Let’s be there for them.

My next move is to set up social media, so expect to see me back on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest soon.

I can’t wait to see you all again. I can’t wait 2 more weeks to see your sweet faces, so social media will have to do. I’ve missed you so much!


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