Chemo makes me nauseous, but this blog is my throw up on the page.

Good Morning Boobie Buddies,

It’s opening day for the Think Outside The Boob website and blog and I’m headlining! I’m so excited to bring all you cancering kittens relief, peace, knowledge and laughter after what could be a very devastating event: your breast cancer diagnosis.

This blog means the world to me in that it is what’s keeping me sane during my own trials thru the disease.  In September of 2013, I received the “Happy 40th Birthday, you have breast cancer”  diagnosis after my very first mammogram.  My cancer was Stage 2B (it was big and in my lymphnodes) and triple positive (the tumor had receptors that fed on all things hormonal). I went through the most difficult period of my life: chemotherapy for 15 weeks, a radical modified mastectomy, 6 weeks of radiation followed by reconstruction.

I was kicking ass and taking names. At that point I was told I had No Evidence of Cancer (NEC) and that I could go back to my normal life.  So, 10 months after being diagnosed I was out of the house, back to work, practicing yoga and meditation and seeing a therapist.  But let me tell you – in my experience, there was no going back to normal.  There was only the new after-cancer normal.

I was getting the hang of my “new normal” life for about 6 months when last May I was diagnosed with a breast cancer recurrence.  So, put another dime in the jukebox, baby because I’m going thru chemo once again and I’m rocking this party.

The thing is, nobody told me how to go about this.  The whole cancering process left me insanely fatigued, spacey and barely functional.  Which was difficult because I was a spazzy working mom of two in the prime of my professional career.  My hubby and me came home each night and did our damnedest to make ends meet and be the best family we could be.  Every night.  There were no instructions about how to manage all of that and make changes to focus on my new after-cancer self (or should I say, cancerlicious self).

Chemo makes me nauseous, but this blog is my throw up on the page.  It helps me get my feelings out – feelings of all the dark days, the blessings, the discoveries, the sick humor, the ridiculousness and the love.  It keeps me going and I hope it will do the same for you .  Forward to a friend who might be in need, or at very least to a few sassy sisters who need to get a mammogram.

My goal is to help ourselves rock our new world and show ourselves some good lovin’ both inside and outside.  Outside The Boob, that is.

So pass it along and sign up for my newsletter at It features tips, tricks, and insights with a dose of silliness, inspiration, support and relief.  It even has more about my story, my family, my podcast, and my hubby’s quest for breast cancer awareness.

What’s your story? I’d love to hear from you. Check out mine and leave a comment below, or contact me.

Let’s get through this together.


6 thoughts on “Chemo makes me nauseous, but this blog is my throw up on the page.

  1. I love that you can make me laugh and cry all at the same time. As many of is have said…you are an inspirational badass! Can’t wait to see you and give you a hug!!


  2. I go on FB perhaps twice a year and just ran into your profile and then the blog. I love the Ninja costume and your blog! I think you are amazing and, guess what, I will make that mammo appointment. I had been ignoring the reminder letters for years!


    • Grazyna,

      It was meant to be! When I started the website and blog I said to Mike, “if I can just get one person to get checked, then it’s a success.” And here you are – committing to it! You made my year! Oh, and I’m so happy you like the blog. If you’d like to receive more stories like that to your inbox make sure you sign up for the newsletter on the Think Outside The Boob website. XO – Christi

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