Follow Up Missions

Mission: Scan My Brain

So there’s a cyst like node near my left temple. Super small. And one that’s long that looks like a vein. My rad doctor sent it to a neuro-radiologist-oncologist. Talk about specializing! She said she thinks the long one is a blood vessel and the small cyst is very common in women. She said she doesn’t think there’s anything to worry about but would like to do a follow up MRI in 4 weeks to make sure there’s no growth.

Personally in my heart of hearts I feel that it’s really nothing to worry about.

That’s the thing about cancer. You always have to be vigilant and get checked, but when you go looking all the time you’re bound to find something. Its quite the learning experience figuring out what not to worry about.

The only time I really worry is when I actually have to go in for the procedure. It’s way too real.

Why did I have to get a brain scan, you ask? Good question. When I got the PET for my girly parts, the PET was actually from the eyes to the thighs. The Stanford Radiology report caught a little something up near my left temple but the scan was cut off. They recommended a follow up, so I did.

Mission: Shrink My Spleen

Part 1 – We are working a “wait and see” type of plan. Friday I go in for a finger prick where they will measure my white blood cell count. If it’s low they will inject me with a white blood cell booster called neupogen. It’s different than the one I’m allergic to. It’s a way smaller dose and lasts only 24 hours instead of 3 weeks. This should keep my spleen normal sized.

Part 2 – Because my white blood cell count will be lower, if I get a fever, I have to immediately call to get antibiotics so I don’t get an infection (we’ll try to avoid a girl in a bubble type of issue).

It’s tricky. I feel powerless. It’s a total defense game plan.

Defense or not, the outcomes look good.

10-4. QHB.

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