Don’t Burst A Spleen About It

I bet you’re wondering about my being hospitalized last week on Wednesday. My diagnosis was a mystery for 2 days and they put me in isolation.

It was all sci-fi and stuff. I was almost like the girl in the bubble. Turned out to be an adverse reaction to chemo drug that included 103 fever and an enlarged spleen among other fun things. They were like “no tackle football for you” and I was like “oh darn!”.

Luckily I can *watch* tackle football just as long as I don’t burst a spleen (okay that’s funny). Apparently Stanford wants in on the spleen action, too. I have nothing to offer the medical residents except for my glowing (literally) PET scan and my huge spleen. But my doc wants to keep them on their toes and ask them what’s happening in that picture…Answer? BAD reaction to neulasta – a White Blood Cell booster that went awry in my system and was boosting cells all over the place, to the point that my bones were glowing. It’s very rare and even the docs didn’t believe it at first. Cray cray.

So there you have it. My bones and their 15 minutes of fame. Today on the menu is a brain MRI. Can you believe this sh@$?! No concerns though, just precautionary. I’m starting to laugh out loud at this point. Let’s think of some jokes. “Don’t Burst A Spleen” is now in my repertoire.

OH! And in the midst of the detective work – figuring out what was wrong with me – my doctor came in and said, “so the PET scan was good. No tumors left. But your spleen is enlarged.”

So, I said “Wait a minute. Roll it back a second. What did you say about my tumors?” Yep. All gone. All gone! Perjeta, the Eye of the Tiger drug (and I) kicked their asses – again. So, I won’t need any surgery and I wont need radiation. Just 2 more rounds of chemo and additional Herceptin i.v. drug until May 2016 (long term, I will get my ovaries removed and take a pill a day for the next 10 years or so).

Don’t get ahead of yourselves, people. I still have 2 more rounds of chemo to get thru and they are going to be HARD. The next chemo is always harder than the last so I’m gassing up like “Shpween” (the Pee Wee Herman Spleen superhero) and am ready for some action.

(PS. they’re gone).

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