Sing It With Me!

I’m up early at 5a so that I can have coffee exactly 6 hours before my PET-CT scan. If I woke up any later then I wouldn’t be able to have coffee until at least 2pm. I’m not addicted, I swear.

24 hours before a PET-CT scan you have to eat a low carb diet and the very last food you can eat is 6 hours before the procedure. The Atkins Diet menu yesterday went well: omelette, chocolate peanut butter protein shake, grilled chicken and peppers. But, eggs this morning at 5a were tough to stomache even after taking my barf pill.

What is a PET-CT scan you ask? If you want to nerd out for a minute, its nuclear medicine. Like the song, its “Radioactive! Radioactive.” In geek terms PET stands for positron emission technology and CT stands for computed tomography. There, now its completely clear.

No? Let me say it in English. A CT scan creates detailed pictures of your tissues and organs (its a map of your insides). A PET scan “lights up” (think radioactive glow) any abnormal activity going on in your body. If the two are overlayed, you can see tumors, their size and where exactly they are located inside your body.

And that’s why I’m going in for this test today. The doctors want to see if my tumors have shrunk after 3 treatments of chemo. They want to make sure that the chemo is working. If it is, then for me this is great news because my tumor is in a tricky spot for surgery. Chemo is my best option, so there’s a lot riding on this scan. No pressure right?!

That said, I’m doing okay. My gut says the chemo is working and I’m just going to focus on that today. That and the super cool disco room with color changing LED lights where I get scanned. Seriously, its like watching the fountain light show at the Bellagio in Vegas.

Sing it with me and do the pointed finger disco move! “Stayin alive, stayin alive, ah ah ah ah, staying aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!”

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