The Mystery of the Stinky Stench

I call my room the wind tunnel. Windows are always open, a ceiling fan is always spinning, and Mike has another fan blasting on his nightstand that’s turned toward us. Of course, I’m downwind from Mike and God help us if he doesn’t shower.

Lately though, it’s been different. Mike has recently been going to a real barber to get a real haircut and a real shave. Its the first time in his life he’s ever worn aftershave. At night, the fan blows on him and then onto me, where I get blasts of intense odor – that smell like Windex. I thought the odor was random at first, but then it kept happening and I wondered what sort of cheap ass aftershave was my man wearing!? So, I asked him today. His answer? None. He hasn’t had a haircut or a shave in a week or two.

So, now we were trying to solve a mystery – The Mystery of the Stinky Stench. Could it be his soap, or his shampoo? I smelled his face, I smelled his head. Nope, no Windex. Could it be Purell? I smelled his hands. Nope. Could it be his new coconut scented deodorant? I smelled his armpits. Not at first, but possibly yes.

His response to all of this? I might be having a stroke or an aneurysm. You know, because of my heightened sense of smell. Don’t get him wrong, he’s just reacting to me and my craziness. I mean, even the beautiful scent of fresh roses on my dinner table wreaked like ant poison.

So, I immediately Googled “chemo and intense sense of smell.” It turns out that no, I’m not having brain difficulties and yes, this is a common side effect of chemotherapy.

The mystery has been solved. Mike will switch deodorants and the roses are out of the house. Thank you chemo for making me smell my husband’s armpits. It was awesome.

PS. PET scan postponed to Wednesday (gotta let the chemo get out of my system first)

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