I Would Give My Right Breast For That

For a cure, that is.

Even though its not breast cancer month, July has been packed with cancer fundraising and awareness activities.

The month kicked off with the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and one of our very own Kickass Crusaders – Melanie Harms – walked 39 miles and raised a couple grand (how much exactly, Mel?) that will be used towards finding a cure. Thank you Melanie! I owe you a foot massage and a pedicure after that trek.

Just this weekend, the Nelson’s (including Nana, Poppy, Auntie and Uncle from Ohio),the Medina’s (Auntie and the cousins from The OC) and the Scialpi’s (Boobie Buddy and fam) joined me at the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. Many of us walked either the Survivor Lap or the Caregivers Lap. We all came back at night for the Luminaria Ceremony to Celebrate the lives of people who have battled cancer, Remember loved ones lost, and Fight Back against the disease.

And released today, yet another fundraiser.  But this one is special: it’s Mike’s.  In perfect No Name form, he will be riding his *pink* Harley Davidson across America from San Francisco to NYC wearing a pink helmet and cape, so that he can raise money for breast cancer research. Since y’all are so special to us, we’d like you to visit the pre-launch of his new website http://www.1in8ride.com and give us some feedback (and certainly donate if you can).

You may wonder where your money goes when you donate to these events. “the money raised goes towards cancer research” is such a vague statement. Let me just say that I am living proof of current research that has come to fruition. My first chemo cocktail in 2013 slowed the growth of my tumor, but didn’t shrink or remove it.

This cocktail obviously isn’t an option for me in 2015 because clearly it didn’t work. But lucky for me, “cancer research” has found a new kickass drug, Perjeta and its part of my new cocktail. Just 2 years ago, it wasn’t available and now it is thanks to that vague “cancer research” y’all have been donating to.

And on that note, I get a PET scan on Friday to see how kickass Perjeta really is.  I should get the results next week.  And tomorrow is chemo treatment 4 of 6.  Go Perjeta, go!!!



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