In My Second Opinion

I love my Stanford doctor. Extremely knowledgeable, approachable, confident. Great bedside manner.

He confirmed we are on the right path. Chemo cocktails with Perjeta is correct and the way to go. Instead of 3 treatments we will do six.

My cancering is hormone related, so we are going turbo against estrogen. No more tamoxifen pills, we r inducing menopause and after chemo (longer term) I will get my ovaries removed. Outpatient procedure.

Tumor is confirmed to be leftover from last time. It was too small to detect at the time. This is better news than to have it be “recurring” in a new place.

My “triple positive receptor” type of tumor is very rare. But I have 2 (ER+ and HER2+) major targets that we know how to hit – with really big guns.

Doctor confirmed that we are definitely aiming to cure, this is not just palliative care.

Clinical trials, laser beams will be addressed after PET scan at 3 mod to see if chemo is working or not. Cyber knife is not an option as there is not enough to remove! They are too small. He was amazed we even found the tumors and were able to get a biopsy. Confirming that my own oncologist is also totally rad.

So I feel good.

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