Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Like clockwork it’s about that time. It takes up to 21 days to lose your hair during chemo and it has been 15 since I started. This morning, as I was gloriously running my fingers through my luxurious Hollywood blond hair, it was there. Lots of hair in my hands.

So, bye-bye hair. It’s time to go for the Mad Max Fury Road look (check it out here).

It may then evolve into the Sinead O’Connor look, upon which I will begin to sing songs about cancering, like “Do You Have to Let it Linger” and “Nothing Compares to You”.

But let it be known: I’m officially in full blown Survivor mode. Watch out for my super cute beanies with ears and possibly some summer scarf action. Damn it – ITS ON.

BRING IT. I’m ready this time.

In the meantime, let’s review some of my all time favorite hair puns. Feel free to add to the list. Maybe we’ll make tee-shirts:

Hair Ya Doin?
No Hairs, No Cares
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
I’ll Shave it For Now, Hope There’s No Issue Hair

Christi (aka QHB)

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