CDif Poster Child is a movie star! Almost.

I’m not sure if you remember last year that I was chosen to be in a documentary about antibiotic-resistant super bugs and the overuse of antibiotics. What’s great about this movie is:

1. I am in it
2. Mikes super poo is in it (live footage)
3. It empowers the public to fund, vote for and seek alternatives to antibiotics as a cure.

The film developers have launched a Kick Starter campaign and met its initial rough cut goal last week (yay)!

They still need to raise more money to cover post production as well as marketing and distribution so that the world can see what we’ve done.

These filmmakers brought light to a very dark part of my life and deserve to get their message out. And I deserve to be the CDif poster child.

P.S. I am on the Kick Starter video (beginning and end)! Go to and search for “War In Our Bodies Can We Win” to donate and to check me out!

P.S.S. so far so good on chemo. I’m tired and feeling mediocre. Woot!

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