Have you been thinking about the Nelson’s lately? Mike’s posts have kept you updated and you know that I had a successful surgery on Friday. You know that I’m due for my Chemo Round 1, 2015 tomorrow. In fact, I bet you were just thinking about how this totally sucks and how surreal it is to talk about chemo with me yet again. You were remembering how much we’ve already been through together over the last year and about how we were all just coming up for air. And now it’s time to go for a swim again.

So yeah, that sucks.

And you have exactly 8 more hours to be sad and angry about it.

It’s time to start shifting into battle mode.

“What’s our mission”, you say?

Mission: Visualize Tumors Shrinking begins tomorrow at 8:30 am.

“What weapon do we use”, you say?

The strongest weapon in the world: PMA.

Not PMS, people. PMA. Positive Mental Attitude. It took me two full weeks of crying, anger, helplessness and desperation to realize that the one thing we all can control is our thoughts. And it is no question that the power of our thoughts can change the way our bodies behave at a cellular level. So you are going to do 3 things for me:

1. Remember that I’m not a hippie. I believe in the Mind, Body, Spirit connection. I believe in God and the power of prayer. I am also a scientist and there is science behind this! Has anyone seen my patchouli perfume?

2. Every time you think of my family or me, you are going to visualize my tumors shrinking. If you need help with this let me know. Seriously. I know exactly what those little buggers look like. And I know what they look like when they’re being DESTROYED. Shrink my tumors, people.

3. From now on – and I’m not joking – the word “cancer” is no longer a noun. The word cancer has officially changed to the verb “cancering”. For example, “she’s cancering right now”, or “when her cancering stops”, or “the cancering that’s happening in her body…”. Just this change in word use makes cancer a process instead of a dead end. We will work through it. I am not stuck with it.

Also, you are going to sound totally lame saying “cancering”. Everyone will look at you funny – there’s no doubt. But honestly, don’t they already? Besides, it truly is a breakthrough in thinking. You will start the trend. All of you. For me.


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