Round 2: Update #2

What a difference a couple of days make.

On Tuesday 5/12 We got the debriefing from our surgeon about what the board discussed in regards to Christi and the treatment of her cancer.

Here are a few of the things that we found out that were different than we thought after our previous meeting with the oncologist.

1. Christi’s cancer has metastasized. The new metastases is in the same general region as the original cancer. Not cool. The good news is it hasn’t traveled to other organs giving us a better chance to beat it.

2. The fact that it has metastasized takes the cyber knife surgery off the table. Not cool.

3. The fact that Christi received radiation the first time after chemo, makes her a less likely candidate for the super lazer 2000. Not cool.

4. Ok now for something cool. Even though her previous rounds of Chemo essentially failed to destroy the cancer. The new round contains two new medicines that came out in 2013 and 2014 that are designed to destroy the type of cancer Christi has. They were not available when Christi was first diagnosed, but have shown good results.

5. Christi goes into port surgery Friday 5/15 and gets her first round of new chemo Tuesday 5/19. We need all wagons circled, all war paint on, extra prayers on those days.

6. Christi is not looking forward to loosing her hair again, having everything taste like metal, experiencing constant fatigue, BUT she is ready to BATTLE.

7. It’s a fluid reality at this point. The plan is to do chemo session #1, three weeks later chemo session #2. Then 3 weeks later the doctors will give Christi another PET scan to see if the chemo is working.

8. It is our hope and belief that the chemo will work, because it HAS to work.

9. The more times you get cancer and cancer treatments the harder it sometime becomes to treat the cancer. So we really, really, really need this medicine to work now.

10. Christi is also getting registered for any possible beneficial clinical trails. She is a good candidate due to her health, age, and specific type of cancer she has.

So what we thought might be a quick round of chemo and a cyber surgery turns into something completely different. Which seems to be the one constant when it comes to cancer. Certainty is hard to find.

I’ll keep you posted, thank you again for the love and support.


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