Christi v Cancer – Round 2- Super Lasers and Cyber Knives

Hello friends

Sorry if this is coming out of the blue and we don’t mean to bum you out but we got some news.

Christi got a PET scan as part of a post Cancer check up. The results showed a pea size growth in the same area where her previous cancer was located.

On May 1st she got a biopsy of the growth. The results are it is malignant. It’s about the size of a small pea.

We met with her oncologist today. He says it is a local recurrence. They did not have a big enough sample for a complete analysis of the biopsy (they are working on getting a genetic panel done on the remaining sample) but are treating it as the same type of cancer as she had before.

Triple positive. Her2 + ER + and progesterone + (these are receptors the cancer has that they have medicines to block) The oncologist is meeting with his colleagues at Stanford to see if they can use the (as Christi calls it) the super lazer 2000. It’s where they blast the two cancerous lymph nodes out of existence in one shot. As opposed to six weeks of daily radiation

If this is not an option he is hoping one of the gifted surgeons there will be able to remove the lymph nodes using a cyber knife! Sort of like a ginsu knife but way way cooler.

She is also being put on the list for any and all available clinical trials.

Until those things happen we are being as aggressive as possible. Hopefully within the next week she will have port surgery and start her chemo therapy. Her chemo cocktail will be pertuzamab aka perjeta, herceptin, and Christi’s least favorite taxotere. Taxotere is the one that steals your hair and makes you feel extra shitty.

Chemo needs to happen so the cancer does not spread from the lymph nodes into other parts of the body.

These are scheduled to happen every three weeks until we hear back from the Stanford evaluation. So hopefully that happens sooner than later.

How did this happen? Google Breast cancer recurrence. Her cancer is as feisty as Christi, definitely a Leo, very persistent and aggressive.

What a little shit.

We kind of feel like we haven’t slept in two weeks. Pretty floored. The kids took it as well as expected. They were pretty excited about the super lasers and the cyber knives, and getting to play Minecraft for longer than 20 minutes as we went over our doctor visit notes and wrote this.

So that’s where we are at.

We will keep you updated as we get more dates and details.


Mike and QHB

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