How Am I Doing?

Things are rolling along. C-Dif is gone and I’ve done three film segments for the documentary. It was such a nice distraction from the worry from what might’ve happened if it didn’t go away. Who knows maybe it’ll go viral. Bad pun. Thank you Nelson super poo.

Radiation – as in nuclear energy/radioactive waves soldering off any microscopic cancer cells that might be left – is in full effect. I literally sit under a linear accelerator (atom splitter) every day. Fascinating! I’ve been at it for 3 weeks and am starting to show it. “Sunburn” and prickly heat like bumps all over the chest, underarm, and neck. They itch like crazy but I can’t scratch them. Fatigue sneaks up on me every afternoon really hard and I’m always surprised by it and think, “where did this come from? I have to sit down – now!”

Herceptin (IV medicine) treatment on Thursday. It creates a week of anxiety for me since I know in will be losing my brain in 48 hours with no sign of it resurfacing for a week. I’m trying to cram a lot of work in, but then I lose my walking time, cooking/chore/errand time, among other things. Note to self: try to find better balance juggling tasks.

Got a PET/CT scan from the head to thighs. All clear – that means no traveling tumors. Yay!

I just started seeing an oncology nutritionist. She’s killer. Let me know if you want to see her research. Definitely taking some stress away knowing what foods I don’t have to fret over (like soy – it’s in everything)! She’s very scientific and her decisions are based on numbers (my blood markers and adrenal markers). I’m excited!

That’s all for now,

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