Awwww Shiiiit.

So far so good everyone. Transplant went well. Now I just have to wait and see if the C-Dif returns. Fingers crossed that it never comes back. In the meantime it should take a couple months for my intestines to heal. Pray that Mikes super poo does the job.

Was supposed to start radiation today, but it has been delayed. Waiting on insurance to authorize the procedure. Should take a few more days. I was bummed (all those nerves for nothing), but now I figure this will give me more time to chill and heal. I’m *almost* able to get my right arm above my head and in position for radiation. My surgeon says I’m healing very well and the arm exercises are paying off.

I’ve been walking in a walking club every day and working from home a bit. I’m loving the sun! Got a fun project at work: I get to create ideas to teach about what I do for “Bring Your Daughter to Work Day”. It’s like I’m a teacher again – so fun. I’ve also been meditating and practicing deep breathing exercises to help me focus and relax. Tree hugging hasn’t happened yet though.

Although now I’m somewhere between a hippie and a punk rocker. My hair is growing back – I have a buzz cut – and cute young punk chicks keep approaching me about my “cool, empowering haircut”. “Yes”, I say, “I totally cut it like this on purpose”.

Moms Day was great. ALL the Nelson boys took me to IHOP and then to the the beach (Pescadero) and to dinner at Alices (on Skyline). Couldn’t have asked for a better day.

My next herceptin treatment is on Thursday. So no big plans that day and Friday except to take care of the boys.

I’ll keep yall posted about radiation. I’m pretty nervous but I know it’s mostly fear of the unknown.

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