I’m Home!

Hi all,

I made it through the surgery and came home yesterday afternoon. Still in pain but am enjoying the pain killers and getting lots of rest. I’m not up for visits yet, maybe later this week or next.

The pathology results of the surgery came back. The wet report said:

8 lymph-nodes were removed and only 3 out of eight were positive for cancer. This is an excellent sampling and great results, so I will not need radiation , yay!

The size of my breast tumor was 4.8 cm.
They call this a stage 2b. I was almost Stage 3. We really did catch this in the nick of time.

The largest lymphnode that was malignant was 1.1 cm. There was No extra capillary extension in the lymphnodes, meaning the cancer did not extend beyond them. Also great news.

The breast tumor was not invading into the pectoral muscle which is good, that means it’s ok that they left the muscle intact.

According to my surgeon, there were absolutely no questions or surprises during the surgery. She said we did exactly the right method (chemo first, then surgery) and the right kind of surgery. She stated herself that I am now “without evidence of disease”!

This glorious news didn’t really hit me until one of my nurses asked me how it feels to have a second chance at life. That’s exactly right, and I can’t wait to heal and enjoy this new beginning.

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