I deserve a break today

Good news all,

After another visit to the ER and stay in the hospital, I am approaching my next chemo treatment (number 5 of 6).

Take note: my doctor is awesome.

Considering that I’m still fighting that dang C-Dif infection and that I have gone thru 5 chemo treatments (all at full dosage), he decided not to give me the Taxotere or the carboplatin today.

Speak English you say?

Well, in other words I only get Herceptin today. This means no wiping out of my immune system, no attacking of all fast growing cells throughout my body, no sores on my skin, no metallic taste in my mouth. Herceptin only attacks the breast cancer cells. Period. No other cell types in my body are attacked, no crazy side effects except for fatigue.
I get to focus on healing. I’m now three weeks ahead on getting surgery. I can go out to places and know that my immune system won’t suffer (as soon as I’m done with my CDif antibiotics). No more living in a bubble, no more isolation from my kids lives and life in general.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still healing from this awful infection and am still extremely tired, but my outlook just went from dark and gloomy to rainbows and unicorns.

A touch of humanity helped too. You guys are all so wonderful. I have received the silliest videos, the sweetest notes and the kindest gestures this week – many from people who are struggling thru their own problems. Y’all make me smile and remember goodness. Xo

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