Ramping Up for Treatment 5

As usual, I can’t sleep, so at least I have this blog to pass the time this morning.

I’ve had a rough go of it since Treatment 3: first the treatment, then hospital, then Treatment 4, then discovery of an intestinal bacterial infection – that I had since the hospital – , 2 days of feeling okay and now Treatment 5. I guess there’s good reason for the sinking feeling in my gut. Two days of feeling decent makes you realize just how sick you felt. Totally not looking forward to it.

On a funnier note, parenting topics that I got to discuss with the kids using my chemo brain last night (the night before my next chemo treatment) included:

Refunds: They Happen at Home, Too.

Indecent Exposure: Why No, Its Not Funny.

Decency and Manners: Why You Don’t Just “Let” People Give You Money at Recess.

All topics were discussed within the last 60 minutes before bedtime, all while I was getting more and more anxious about today. That’s par for the course.

Oh, and the night before that, the topic was:

Kid vs. Mom: “What the Fuck.” vs. “Did You Just Say That?!”
Its time for coffee.

Send me love and silliness today,


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