A Whole New Kind of Battle

I’m finding that its getting difficult to find new things to say. I’m at home and alone a lot and nothing new is really happening. Also, my body’s reaction to chemo is getting increasingly difficult and this will continue to be the case from here on out. I’m tired all the time. Nothing much comes out of that. I worry that I will write too many things about this boring cancer of mine. Either that or I will get negative and complain more and more about my ailments – what am I, 80?

Those are not things that I enjoy, but because of them I will probably fall into a slump and have droves of negative postings in the future. Please don’t take them personally. I’m not directing any complaints toward you. This is my world right now. I try hard to stay positive, but its getting tough. I grow more tired and less able to take in and digest each day, both literally and figuratively.

A good friend who has been through cancer with others warned me that it gets tough after treatment 4 and she’s right. The novelty has worn off. Two more treatments to go until Breast Cancer – Phase II (Surgeries and Noobs – new numb boobs).

I apologize in advance if my posts become more ridiculous, offensive, crass or negative in any way. There’s no stopping me. This is what happens when QHB shows her teeth and gets bit by the cobra. She fights, but its a whole new kind of battle.

Teeth out,

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