I’m home, but not normal.

A bunch of you have been wanting an update since I’ve been in the hospital, so here it is:

I was diagnosed with a Neupogenic Fever. Essentially that means that my white blood cell count was so near zero that my natural bacteria (like plaque, and digestive microbes) were now infecting my body. I had a fever of 102.8, I was short of breath, and nearly passed out.

They had to make sure that my blood, urine and stool was not yet infected with a few unique and terrible strains of bacteria. I had an infectious disease doctor, as well as the hospital internal medicine doctor, and my oncologist. I was quarantined. Barely anyone came into my room and if they did, they had to wear full protective gear for my protection.

The perk to this was my diagnosis got me a suite to myself and probably a bit more peace and quiet. Luckily, Mike was able to visit, but I couldn’t see my kids.

Every day I received a white blood cell (WBC) injection, blood work to follow, and I think about 5 different antibiotics thru IV every 6-8 hours until the results of bacterial infection were determined. Those results took between 24 and 72 hours. Also thru IV were bags of anti-nausea medicine. I was also taking Magnesium pills, Tylenol and Pepcid AC.

Each day my WBC’s went up and that left us optimistic. But on Saturday, my red blood cell count and my hemoglobin numbers were ridiculously low, and I was extremely anemic. I was told that I would be getting a blood transfusion on Sunday.

I received an IV bag of iron on Saturday. It raised my red blood cell levels up enough, so that late Saturday it was determined that a transfusion was no longer necessary. I would be discharged on Sunday.

So here I am. Home. I have never been so happy to be “stuck” at home. I immediately sat outside. I walked (very slow) loops around my backyard. I laid on the couch with the door open. I crawled into my soft bed with the coziest pillows on the planet and slept for 9 straight hours. No poking and prodding every 2. I adore the sounds of my children fighting. Because I’m not stuck at home – I’m free and will never feel stuck at home again. Ever.

I am still recovering. I’m not taking calls or texts. I’m very tired and not back to normal. But I will be soon, I hope.

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