Hump Day

“No, today’s not Hump Day, tomorrow is”, you might be saying.

Well for me this week,Thursday is my Hump Day, not Wednesday. That’s because I’m getting ready for Chemo Treatment Number 3 – number 3 of 6. Halfway done. Almost there.

Its funny, personally I don’t think of cancer as a “battle”. I think of it as me “getting clean”. Cleaning out the crap and being healthy and whole again. I’m not angry and there’s no war.

But, getting ready for chemo is like getting ready to walk into a fire with no protective gear – on purpose – knowing full well what the outcome is. Mentally, I fight it every step of the way. I am emotional, anxious and scared. I wake up the morining of crying like a baby. Within an hour, that kicking and screaming evolves into a game face. I turn into a soldier, a fire-fighter, walking into a burning firey battle zone. And by 8:30 am, I’m performing chemical warfare, defending myself against a growing tumor. I get it now.

Bop Gun (by Parliament)

Turn me loose, we shall overcome
Where did you get that funk from,
Turn me on, they’re spoiling the fun
Let’s shoot them with the bop gun….

I got to get over the hump
Let’s get over the hump
(Endangered species)…

When the syndrome is around, don’t let your guard down
All you got to do is call on the funk..

To dance is a protection, funk is your connection
Alll you got to do is funk and dance….

On guard, protect yourself
On guard, defend yourself….

Watch me get over the hump
I got to get over the hump.

. rics/ 

[Click on Listen While You Read!  (intro ends/song starts at 1:47)]

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