I’m home, but not normal.

A bunch of you have been wanting an update since I've been in the hospital, so here it is: I was diagnosed with a Neupogenic Fever. Essentially that means that my white blood cell count was so near zero that my natural bacteria (like plaque, and digestive microbes) were now infecting my body. I had … Continue reading I’m home, but not normal.

Chemo Highlights: Days 3-6

Days 3 and 4: Delirium Day 3: Christi: Mike? Did you come in my room at 4p and just stand there and hold my hand for like, 15 minutes? Mike: Ummmm? No? Christi:  But, I remember a whole conversation about how you were going to make me dinner in an hour and now its 6:00. … Continue reading Chemo Highlights: Days 3-6

Holiday Hump Day Treatment

Beeeeeeeeeeep. Beeeeeeeeeeep.Beeeeeeeeeeeeep. THIS IS A TEST FROM YOUR EMERGENCY BROADCASTING SYSTEM. THIS IS ONLY A TEST: We are testing to see how Christi's brain is doing during Holiday Humpday Treatment. Observations: Christi is chatty and happy to tell stories.  She seems to get stuck during stories.  She pauses for seconds at a time and often … Continue reading Holiday Hump Day Treatment