There’s A Tumor… I Mean Rumor Going Around the 3rd Grade

There’s a rumor going around the 3rd grade that Edward’s mom has breath cancer. There are so many awesome potential jokes about this, I can barely keep my mouth shut.  But I’ll wait.

So this is how the rumor got started:  Eddie told a friend that his mom had breast cancer, and the friend told another classmate that Eddie’s mom had breath cancer.  Then the classmate told her parent.  The parent, of course said, “Well honey, she either has breast cancer or lung cancer.  Which one is it?”  “Lung cancer”, said the 3rd grader.

That’s when we knew it was time to send a note home to the classmates’ families.

Kids are freakin’ amazing.  After drawing pictures of good cells and “bully” cancer cells and reassuring  my boys that I was not contagious…and that there was no way they could get breast cancer…and that it was 100% not their fault, they then asked the number one, single most important question:”Can we watch TV now?”

Y’all wanted to know how the kids have taken it.   I’ve received the following from 3rd graders, of which I barely know, or do not know at all:  a hand woven pink and white bracelet, a long letter about how I am being sent good thoughts, an email about whether a fund can be started for me for monetary donations.

My boys have taken it in stride.  They ask questions every night and are cuddly and lovey all day.  They are eager to help.  We laugh and we cry.  And on my darkest days, just listening to them play together in the other room brings a smile to my face and makes it all worthwhile.

Okay.  Now.  Bring on the breath cancer jokes because thatis friggin’ FUNNY!

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